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A whole host of pollutants in the form of pollen, spores, bacteria, dust, debris from the outside and sweat, body oils, lotions from people inside the water all combine to
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What exactly helps make the pool filter cartridges from Hayward trusted accessories? Before we begin answering this question you may just want to obtain a little information about this device
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Owning a magnificent and excellently maintained swimming pool is something to be proud of. Pool maintenance and upkeep is such a daunting task especially if you have one thats big.
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If after you backwash, you pressure gauge doesnt return to its normal lower levels, your DE filter may be clogged and needs to be manually cleaned. This manual cleaning should
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Diatomaceous earth filters provide the best level of filtration; it is a porous powder having microscopic openings that allow water to flow through trapping debris as small as 2 microns,
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In order to avoid this disaster and others it is highly recommended that pool owners stick to the professionals when it comes to cleaning their filters. Pool filter cleaning can
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The water flows from top to bottom through the filter and an underdrain that is situated in the bottom of the filter returns the water to the pool. When the
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Installing filters that are fitted with cartridges are made up of a polyester based meshing medium that can efficiently hold back impurities even the tiniest debris. It effectively filters all
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This equipment is an absolute necessity for pool owners to have in order to ensure clean pool water thats fit for every member of the family to use. Maintenance and
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Diatomaceous earth powder is a premixed compound and should be used by mixing it with water and slowly add the mixture into the pool. Most DE filter owners add the