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When the initial DE is put in the pool, and the pool pump and components are working properly the pressure on the pressure gauge is noted. DE is then replaced
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But the principle of operation is the same: a permeable material retains sediment while allowing water to flow. Stopping sediments is an important thing because it can severely damage your
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How often do you need to backwash and replace the DE? This depends on the condition of your equipment, how dirty your pool is, and the size of your DE
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The other down side to these type cleaners is that the water returning to your pool is not flowing through the pool return jets and can begin to cause circulation
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The first step you can take towards ensuring cleanliness of your pool is buying a pool filter. For decades now, they have been treated as quintessential to keep the pool
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We manufacture and supply quality swimming pool and spa equipment such as pool cleaners, heat pump, pool filters, pool pump among many others. Visit us to see the complete list
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Having your own pool is a glorious feeling but maintaining it requires some effort on your part because above ground pool filters need periodic cleaning. The pool will not continue
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The DE Filter: DE is short for Diatomaceous Earth. DE is an organic powder that is actually mined fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. Its the most effective filter, getting smaller