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Typically with a brand new cartridge installed the pressure should be between 8 and 12. After usage of 2 to 8 weeks depending on the size of your filter check
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However, keep in mind that all of the above swimming pool filters will help you to keep your pool clean and wellmaintained. Knowing the specific design features and pros and
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To insure you get maximum use out of your filter, make sure you follow a strict maintenance routine. Occasionally the paper cartridge filter plates will require replacement. The filter cartridge
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type d pool filter cartridgestype d pool filter cartridges

Water filter cartridges are the most important part of any water treatment system; choosing the right one will maximize the quality of your homes water and also protect your pipes
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For instance, is your pool screened in?, not screened in?, is your pool exposed to seasonal trees, flowers that drop heavy foliage into the water?. Is your pool exposed to
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In terms of maintenance, DE filters are very similar to sand filters in that they require backwashing or draining every few weeks to keep them working effectively. The main advantage
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Sand filters for inground swimming pools are so popular among pool owners because they are simple to use and require relatively little maintenance and attention. Also, in the event that
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Another great advantage of cartridge pool filters for inground swimming pools is the fact that when they do need to be cleaned, its very easy to do so. Rather than