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No matter how many times a pool is skimmed in a day things like debris, leaves, dirt and dust will still find their way into the pool. When a pool
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Cartridge Filters: Filtering elements in this type of a pool filter are in the shape of cylinders, which are made out of polyester or any other material known to act
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A whole host of pollutants in the form of pollen, spores, bacteria, dust, debris from the outside and sweat, body oils, lotions from people inside the water all combine to
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Another great advantage of cartridge pool filters for inground swimming pools is the fact that when they do need to be cleaned, its very easy to do so. Rather than
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While cartridge filters have been available for many years, their popularity and acceptance has only recently begun to enjoy a rapid rise. These pool filters for inground swimming pools use
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In terms of maintenance, DE filters are very similar to sand filters in that they require backwashing or draining every few weeks to keep them working effectively. The main advantage
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When you are considering getting the right cartridge before you even purchase your water filter the most important thing that you need to think about is what is in your
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Allow it to dry under the sun before you attached it back to the whole system. Swimming pool filters are essential for the maintenance and upkeep of your swimming pool