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Diatomaceous earth powder is a premixed compound and should be used by mixing it with water and slowly add the mixture into the pool. Most DE filter owners add the
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This is important because they grids are made of plastic and they can crack and tear when the old DE sticks the grids. Without proper tear down and cleaning, the
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The new sand particles have more surface area due to its jagged edges, which captures more dirt and debris. The Cartridge Filter:Cartridge filters use a pleated paper filter to catch
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Not only is it moving but you can actual see a clean path its creating as it knocks around your pool in a direction that appears to be backward from
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We know that the major three varieties of filters available are cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters. Each filter has its own pros and cons. However, which one you
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Since there are lots of different water filters on the market now all you need to do is to go around to shop. Compare the price of each brand and
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Owning a magnificent and excellently maintained swimming pool is something to be proud of. Pool maintenance and upkeep is such a daunting task especially if you have one thats big.
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do pool filters need to be on all the timedo pool filters need to be on all the time
With three types of available filtration systems for inground pools, deciding which system is right for you and your pool may seem confusing. Yet, sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth or
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Monitor the pressure gauge between cleanings and when the pressure rises 8 - 10 psi clean the cartridges again. Avoiding Cartridge Damage During Cleaning - avoid common cartridge cleaning mistakes