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While cartridge filters have been available for many years, their popularity and acceptance has only recently begun to enjoy a rapid rise. These pool filters for inground swimming pools use
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Diatomaceous Earth Filters: Also known as DE filters, these are the most effective pool water filters and one of the most expensive pieces of pool equipment. Diatomaceous earth is basically
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If you are looking for a natural method then a diatomaceous earth filter will be suit your needs. Other matters that could influence your filter choice will be the
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This makes for a clean pool idea for swimming. Water is filtered many times during a day meaning that a filter can get quite dirty fairly often. Once a pool
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Its important to know this as choosing the wrong water filter cartridge will not solve the specific problem you want to solve. There are water filter cartridges designed for a
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A professional pool cleaner is aware of these risks and understands the steps needed to be taken in order to avoid such a disaster. Pool filter cleaning can also be
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The other down side to these type cleaners is that the water returning to your pool is not flowing through the pool return jets and can begin to cause circulation
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Pool filter cleaning is necessary for all pools. Without a quality pool filter, a pool will become full of algae, grime and muck over time. Pool filters make for a