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But you must also take into account that a disciplined maintenance of the spa filter cartridge over time can significantly enhance its life expectancy. Make sure that you clean the
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If during the filter maintenance process you notice that after a cleaning the pressure gauge doesnt drop back down to the 8 to 14 range or it does drop but
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Having a run-down or grounded pool just because of a filter cartridge that "wont work and cant work" is a sorry state; however with such promises from dealers it can
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Sometimes pools are set too far back from the road to make this a possibility. In that case a professional will take steps to make sure that the resulting mess
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This type of pool filtering method is actually using biological filtration to clean the pools water. DE filter grids can be cleaned by pressure cleaner or by soaking them in
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The only way to clean the cartridge filter is to manually remove the filters and hose them down. Because the dirty particles just sit on the filter until it is
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It functions under the same concept but it uses 2 motor pups instead. The additional pump is a booster to help increase water flow and pressure. It may be more
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However, keep in mind that all of the above swimming pool filters will help you to keep your pool clean and wellmaintained. Knowing the specific design features and pros and
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There are several other chemicals that manufacturers use to make their filters bacteriostatic but many of them affect you as well as the bacteria. KDF has a very good record
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Suppose that you are a new mother one who has just read that ingestion of water containing nitrates can damage the health of an infant. Although your husband has just