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The new sand particles have more surface area due to its jagged edges, which captures more dirt and debris. The Cartridge Filter:Cartridge filters use a pleated paper filter to catch
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It is always recommended that a combination of water filter cartridges to make up a good water filtration system. The most common water filter cartridges which available in the market
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We know that the major three varieties of filters available are cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters. Each filter has its own pros and cons. However, which one you
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A professional pool cleaner has a keen understanding of all pool filters. And when faced with one they havent used before they will do the research to make sure that
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This equipment is an absolute necessity for pool owners to have in order to ensure clean pool water thats fit for every member of the family to use. Maintenance and
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We manufacture and supply quality swimming pool and spa equipment such as pool cleaners, heat pump, pool filters, pool pump among many others. Visit us to see the complete list
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The three most common types of swimming pool filters are Cartridge, Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE filters). Cartridge pool filters operate using paper to filter debris out of the
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The other down side to these type cleaners is that the water returning to your pool is not flowing through the pool return jets and can begin to cause circulation